The Kanchenjunga Express to Siliguri
8:00 | 12 March 2010 | GMT+07:00
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The Kanchenjunga Expresss takes about twelve hours to puff its way across the Gangetic plain from Sealdah to New Jalpaiguri Station outside Siliguri. The scenery isn’t pretty and the air isn’t fresh, but I spent the whole trip hanging out the door anyway.

The thing about India – or, well, one of many things about India – is that there always something happening. It might be beautiful, hideous, comforting or frustrating, but this place is never boring.

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Comments: 1 to “The Kanchenjunga Express to Siliguri”
  • Oh man, I love these sorts of train rides. I just took a hideously hot, shaky and mosquitoy one from BKK to get back home to Laos. I hated/loved every second of it. Always, always something to hang your head out the window for.
    (Love the blog, by the way, found you through Ekua at girl, unstoppable and am totally blog rolling this gem!)




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